About Brigham

 Brigham will be 3 years old in February.  He is one of the cutest little boys around.  His smile lights up his whole face and is so contagious. 

 When he was born, he seemed to be a healthy baby.  As time went on his parents, Shane and Carol Hawkins, realized that something wasn’t quite right.  He wasn’t developing as their other children had.  After going to doctors for the past two and half years they still don’t know what is wrong with him.  Doctors don’t know why he can’t talk very well, sit up by himself or walk without the support of his walker.  He attends therapy and sees doctors on a regular basis, still not much improvement.

Brigham has a wonderful loving and supportive family.  He has three big brothers who love to play with him. And a sweet big sister who takes care of his every need.  Brigham’s parents, Shane and Carol, give all they can to make life as good a possible for their sweet boy.